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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Meaning of Aback on YouTube

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Meaning of Batrachian on YouTube

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Meaning of Tyro


I'm learning the piano
But am only still a tyro
In other words I've only just begun,

So if I played you'd notice
That I'm really just a novice
And hearing my attempt wouldn't be fun!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Submit Your Art to The Vocabuverse!


If you can draw then The Vocabuverse wants you!

We seek to become the world's biggest and most inventive dictionary ever written and need your help to make it happen!

Here's what to do:

Browse The Vocabuverse for a rhyme that inspires you and draw a picture about that rhyme!

Submit a .jpeg of your picture to along with your name, a short bio and a link to your own website and/or social media profile/fanpage.

There is no age limit, we don't care if you're 3 or 108, if you submit it we'll consider it!

Please remember The Vocabuverse is a family friendly site so keep them PG! No swearing, sexual innuendo or politics thanks!

If we like what we see then your picture will be published alongside your chosen definition on The Vocabuverse with your name and a link to your website/social media profile and will also be shared with our 15,000+ followers across our own social networks! 

If your picture is successful you will be notified via email along with a link to your submission and a request that you please share it across your social networks.

No payment will be made for successful submissions but The Vocabuverse will provide each successful author with a link back to their own website.

Your picture may also be used for promotional purposes on various sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon etc. In each case however you will be credited as the artist and a link to your website/profile page will always accompany its use.

Remember submit all pictures to

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

April 2015

The Meaning of Amateur


I have a thing I like to do
I like to design ladies shoes
Something not for money but for leisure,
I'm really just an amateur
Or a novice as it were
For no sane lady would wear them for pleasure! 

That is because, and this is sad,
The shoes I draw are really bad
And typical of amateurs like me
Who lack the necessary knack
For making shoes and stuff like that
In any professional capacity. 

The Meaning of Borborygmus


Borborygmus is a rumbling word
That sounds like what it means
When gas is gurgling in your guts
Unmuffled by your jeans.

By Author Peter Grant of

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Meaning of A1


I would simply like to state
That if a thing's fit and first rate
A1's the term describing its condition,

A term that has come down from Lloyd's
Register and was employed
When a ship was shipshape in condition.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Meaning of Ad nauseam

Ad nauseam

I was chatting to a chap one day
And watched the minutes fly away
As I spoke incessantly about
Ducks and how the small birds are
My favorite type of bird by far,
A fowl the planet could not do without...

Little did I know that he
Was quite bored apparently
For I had gone on and on
Repeatedly and tiresomely
To an excessive degree
Or in other words ad nauseam!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Meaning of Abaxial


In botany there is a term
That every botanist should learn
Which describes the underside of leaves,

The word to use as I recall
Is the word abaxial
Which means the same as dorsal I believe.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Meaning of Phrenology


Phrenology means study of
The bumps upon your head.
“There’s caution here, and firmness there,
And this one means you’ll wed.”

But when he's tallied all your traits
By measuring your lumps,
It really doesn’t mean a thing,
Except that folks are chumps.

By Author Peter Grant of

The Meaning of Ada


I met a lady who was maybe
Ada for as a wee baby
Everyone agreed when they saw her

That she was the happy kind
Full of smiles most of the time
So upon her "Ada" they conferred!

The Meaning of Colubrine


A garter snake for goodness sake
Met me for a coffee break
Except in this case I was morning tea,

He shared me with his king snake friend
And so that's how I met my end
Writing in a colubrine tummy.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Meaning of Desiccate


There was a fish who found out the
Hard way that a fish should be
Forever under water or else it
Would discover much too late
The harsh meaning of desiccate
When it dried up more than just a bit!

Then a fisherman came by
Discovering a fish now dry
Who was happy for the desiccation,
Because he liked sometimes to eat
Dried out and tasty fish meat
Preserved by the act of dehydration!

But alas the fisherman
Should have had a better plan
Than feeding on the mummified remains
Of the desiccated fish
For when he dined upon the dish
The fisherman was never quite the same...

For afterward it was stated
That he was desiccated
Drained of all normal emotional
Vitality for brutally
The fish in all reality
Was not meant to be eaten at all!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Meaning (or lack thereof) of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


If you want a longish word that doesn’t mean a thing,
“Supercalifragilistic” has a lovely ring.
Although that sounds like quite enough,
You’ve got a way to go.
“Expialidocious” ends
The word that’s just for show.

By Author Peter Grant of

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Meaning of Fa


A happy nun went for a run
And as she ran the song she sung
Was along the lines of music scales,
And on the go she said that Do,
The first note of the scale you know,
Was in fact a deer that was female!

And "Re" the sun, said this fun nun,
And "Mi" herself ,the nun did pun
Until she reached the note they say is Fa...
Enthusiastic she did shout
What this word was all about
Relating it to running very far!

When suddenly for all to see
A soldier fresh from the army
Stopped her in her tracks and said, "Now see!
FA means something else instead!
For in the army it is read
F for Field, A - Artillery!"

"Oh dear," said the nun for she
Had no idea that it could be
Used that way but not to be undone
She went upon her nunly way
And singing she began to say
That Fa was still a long long way to run!

When fresh from running his home run
A baseball player stopped the nun
And said while eating an appealing sandwich,
"You've got it wrong m'am for you see
FA in baseball only
Stands for Fielding followed by Average!"

"Hm..." she grumbled in mid run
But not to be undone or stunned
The nun went on face blushing in her wimple,
She sang her heart out to the clouds
Clearly, loudly, nunly proud!
Fa was Far as surely as her dimples!

Until the nun upon her run
Got tangled in a football scrum
The players citing loudly their translation,
They would risk facing damnation
To say that FA's denotation
Was F for football, A - Association!

After which the fiery nun
Said this was no longer fun
And cursed despite her virtuous career
And chose to binge on sticky buns
Which made all of the other nun's
Wonder what to do about Maria.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Atomic Symbol He


I was still just five years old
When I came home from school and told
My mum that I had some homework to do,
I took out my red exercise
Book and I could see her eyes
Widen twice in size as her eyes do,

When I know that she has seen
A science thing, she quickly gleams,
And on this day that was the way that she
Looked at me so keen and ping
Suddenly my mum did sing
When in my book she saw an H and e!

"Son that stands for Helium!"
I looked at her and just said, "Um..."
But she just went on and on and on...
"It's the atomic element
That has without argument
In it only two things called protons!"

"Yawn" I said, she did not hear.
She said, "And..." (I did not care)
"I think you'll find it is quite colorless...
In fact its usual state is gas..."
(I giggled thinking something crass)
"It's tasteless and indeed quite odorless..."

"It's also true that Helium
Is not as light as Hydrogen
Making it the second lightest gas,
And scientists are adamant
That this abundant element
Makes up for a quarter of all mass!"

And with some exasperation,
With just a hint of vexation,
I stopped her there and said rather loudly,
"Mum this homework is so I
Can learn to read and this week I
Need to read the pronoun known as HE!"

And with that I marched off to
My room in which I quickly threw
My books upon the floor and before soon,
I threw the evening fast away
For in my room for me to play
With was a red helium balloon!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Meaning of Elizabeth


There was a girl whose word was the
Kind that's true consistently
And when she made an oath she stuck to it,

Her yes was yes, her no was no;
Elizabeth her name and so
The meaning "oath of God" did seem to fit.

The Meaning of Bezel


Some rings are bands
And where they land,
It's all the same old bling.

But if one part
Is carved and smart,
The BEZEL is that thing.

Or if a stone is large and lone,
Surrounded by thick gold,
A BEZEL SETTING is what holds
The jewel secure and bold.

By Author Peter Grant of

The Meaning of Wimple


A Wimple's not so simple to
Explain because there's more than two
Meanings that the word wimple conveys,
It was a cloth that women wore
Around their heads and necks and more
A fashion worn in medieval days...

In fact you might have once seen one
Around the face of some young nun
Or older one as well or so I've learned,
And as a little crafty twist
A wimple can mean more than this
As when a something takes a crafty turn!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Meaning of Pugnacious


I had a pug and oh good gracious
Me he was a tad pugnacious
Barking at whatever came in sight,
Always set to stun or kill
This little demented mongrel
Would often be the first to start a fight!

His nature was so quarrelsome
He quickly became tiresome
So one day I brought home a big cat
A tiger who would not abide
It's truculence for when it tried
The hungry tiger put an end to that!

The Meaning of Bellicose


Best beware of those fellows
Who tend toward being bellicose
For they are inclined to start a fight,

Pugnacious and quarrelsome
Mess with them and you'll become
The next thing on their agenda to bite!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Meaning of Truculent


When I come to think of it
I am the sort who gets a bit
Truculent or in an angry way,
It doesn't take at all that much
To get me contentious or such
And far from calm or mood that's deemed okay!

And when I get that way it's best
I guess to stay well away lest
You face my wrath and cruel ferocity,
When destructive I become
It's not a bad idea to run
And quickly try to get away from me!

For when my truculence does reign
I'm scathing, harsh and quite a pain
Vitriolic, also critical
Aggressively belligerent
Assertively malevolent,
Confrontational, mean and awful!

The Meaning of Amphibology


There was a frog whose little head
Was full of things that he'd heard said
He had a phrase for every situation,

A pro at amphibology
His words oft had the quality
Of having more than one interpretation!

The Meaning of Rapscallion


There was a boy who everyone
Said often was a naughty one
A regular rapscallion was he,

A rascal then in every sense
A rogue who often wrought offense
At least that's what they used to say of me.

The Meaning of Blatherskite


A blatherskite will talk at length
And then will talk some more.
His voice has power, beauty, strength
And eloquence galore.

But when it comes to useful stuff,
Like practical advice,
You'll find his talk is only fluff
And dear at half the price.

(To put it non-poetically, a synonym for "senator.")

By Author Peter Grant of

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Meaning of Ulterior


There is a certain area
That they call ulterior
Which is that which lies farther away
Or situated not beside
But upon the farther side
Or at least that's what I've heard them say...

And if I were to say something
Ulterior well then the thing
I've said to you maybe is something more
Going beyond what's openly
Said or shown apparently
So with that I don't think I'll say more!

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Meaning of Char


I knew a man who played guitar
So fast that it began to char
The fret board smoked and went from brown to black!

He played so fast, so fast and well
Despite the crispy cooking smell,
Such a shame his fingers won't grow back!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Meaning of Dah


It was with quite some small remorse
When I found out that in Morse
Code the word for dash is also Dah,

I asked my wife, "Did you know that?"
She made me feel a stupid prat
When she simply said to me, "Well, duh!"

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Atomic Symbol H


I have a mum of whom I'm proud
She has a brain active and loud
I'm sure it's like a Universe inside,
However when she talks to me
My instinct is to quickly flee
And find myself a place that I can hide!

For her words are big and are
Complicated and bizarre

And usually give me a grand head ache,
My brain is not that big at all
In fact it's quite petite and small
And tends to dwell on comic books and cake.

One day I came home with my
Homework and I had to sigh
When I asked about the Symbol H,
I knew then what I had begun,
Her mouth fired like a Gatling gun,
I knew that asking her was a mistake!

"Hydrogen," she said to me
"Is an element you see
Of which the letter H then does stand for
It's atomic number being
One and with a weight so being

One point double zero seven nine four

Followed by a little u,
And it is the common view
That it is the lightest element
For in fact throughout all space
It is indeed quite common place
Bieing the chemical that's most abundant!"

Three quarters of the Universes..."
I sighed and muttered silent curses,
"Baryonic mass is made up of it,
It's the stuff of stars that are
Non-remnant in its plazma
State." She said whilst I could almost vomit.

So I had to quickly shout
Before she could go on about
The common isotope of hydrogen,

Or its lonely small proton
And its lack of a neutron
And the term of it being protium!

"Mum!" I said, "That's more than I
"Can take, because I'm only five!
For goodness sake all that I need to know,

Is how to write the letter H,
Just a normal letter H
And where the lines of it are meant to go!"