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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Meaning of Nab


I didn't think That I'd get caught
For nabbing what I had not bought
For grabbing what I wanted suddenly

But them cops, those boys in blue,
They nabbed me quickly, well and true
Apprehending and arresting me!

The Meaning of Sempiternal


Every one has that one friend
Whose stories seem to never end
Everything he says is sempiternal,

He promises he won't take long
But then goes on and on and on
Without a break, forever and eternal!

The Meaning of Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia



Is a real word believe you me

And what is really quite absurd
Is that it means fear of long words
Which I think ironic and silly!

Copyright 2014

Click here for a funny song about Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Meaning of MA / Ma

MA / Ma

If you ever see an M
Followed by an A well then
What you're seeing is an abbreviation,
One that you might like to use
When writing, should you ever choose,
Depending on the context and occasion.

So if you're wanting to convey
Master of Arts then write MA
To convey "magister artium",
For it's easier to say
And quickly understood that way
At least more so than Medieval Latin!

Or perhaps you want to state
That place in the United States,
Massachusetts, found in the North East
Abbreviate the State and say
Simply M followed by A
And your fear of spelling it wrong will decrease!

Perhaps you're writing on your page
About somebody's mental age
Just write M and then an A again,
And if their mental age is less
Than what you thought then they won't guess
What you're saying about them with your pen!

Or perhaps your writing pages
All about the Middle Ages
You can shorten those words down as well
To M and, yep you guessed it, A
Which is another way to say
"Middle Ages" but there's more to tell...

Along the line of "ages",
And words to put on pages,
It would pay for everyone to know
That if you see an M and A
The writer might be trying to say
Something about a Million Years Ago!

But if you get an M and then
A little "a" well then my friend
That is a word sweeter than any one
For the word it makes is Ma
The nicest word there is by far
Another designation for your Mum!

The Meaning of Homage


Something done or given to
Show respect or tribute to
Someone is an act we like to call

"Homage" as in when you bow
To the queen to show her how
Dutiful you are and how loyal.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Meaning of Laboratory


A laboratory is a place,
A scientific working space,
Equipped with scientific instruments

For one who is a scientist
To test out an hypothesis
By conducting his experiments.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Meaning of Interlocutor


An interlocutor is a
Person who partakes in a
Thing we like to call a conversation,

So if you find yourself speaking
Your mind to someone who's listening
Your actions fit the word on that occasion!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Meaning of Kabaragoya


Should you ever go and stay
In the place called The Malay
Archipelago then when you swim
In the water there make sure
You look out for the monitor
Lizard that might swim with you therein

Called the Kabaragoya
A better swimmer than we are
A carnivore more than 6 feet across
Eating rodents, fish and birds,
Crabs, frogs and snakes too I've heard
Showing them when hungry who is boss!

The Meaning of Jab


A jab is when you give a bloke
Or anyone a push or poke,
A prod, a shove, any of the above,

It's also true a word or two
Can also be classed a jab too
When poking fun at someone you don't love!

The Meaning of Turophile


I have a small confession that
I would like to get off my back
I am a turophile if you please,

That is I am a man who's very
Into a product made of dairy
I am a connoisseur of yummy cheese!

An Example of Iambic Pentameter

Iambic Pentameter

I found one day a text that mesmerized
The words did dance in beats before my eyes
In little iambs skipping in rhythm
Musically though silently written.
Each line of it a dance upon the page
Cleverly devised as by a Mage
Who specialized in the magic of words
Making them to sing although unheard
I realized the structure of the verse
That hypnotized and had me so immersed
Was that kind of poetical meter
That they call iambic pentameter
In which the words in time do five beats make
And this example tries to emulate.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Meaning of Ha


I found a box outside my door,
A box that was not there before,
And opened it to see what was therein.
"Ha!" I said loud to express
Surprise and pleasure too I guess
For in the box were socks I had forgotten!

You know the socks that often go
To who knows where and no one knows
Exactly where but here is where they're not?
However in this special case
Someone from that other place
Had given back the socks I had forgot!

And so surprised and filled with glee
To have my lost socks back with me
I cried "Ha!" And also "Haha!" too.
Because I had to laugh at the
Fact the socks sent back to me
We're the partners of more than a few

Socks I had just thrown away
Thinking I'd not see the day
Their missing partners would ever return,
So I laughed "Haha!" And wrote
On the box a little note
That said these socks were destined to be burned.

But you know a mystery
Occurred when that box sent to me
Suddenly just faded in thin air,
"Ha!" I cried in stark surprise
When right before my face's eyes
The box that once was there was now no where!

The thing that I had failed to see
Was that the box was actually
A craft in which the socks were flying about,
Traveling to distant lands
And distant shores with distant sands
And planetary bodies I've no doubt.

But there is a place where they
Fly the size of H and A
That is a whole hectare in metric terms,
A whole hectare of land where a
Sock can rest the day away
And never mind the thought of footy germs!

So should you ever find a box
Full of all your missing socks
Be sure to give them a reason to stay,
For should they find when they touch down
That their partners can't be found
They might go back to their hectare to play....

By Kerin Gedge

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Meaning of the Prefix Re

Re- (Prefix)

If your mission's to infuse
The concept of "Again"
RE's the word then you would use
As in "reanimated men".

Or if you wish to put in place
The idea of back
RE can be put into place
As in the word "retract".

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Meaning of the Prefix Pro

Pro- (Prefix)

If something is to act in place
Of something or someone
Insert PRO before the word
And the job is done.

By Kerin Gedge

The Meaning of the Prefixes Pneum, Pneuma and Pneumat

Pneum- / Pneuma- / Pneumat- (Prefixes)

To install into a word
"gas" and also "air"
Or to associate it with
"Lungs" or "breathing" hear
Me tell you now that PNEUM will do
Just exactly that
PNEUMA too, by gosh it's true
And also will PNEUMAT!
Place them in front of a word
To put those concepts in it
But also know it comes from the
Greek word meaning "Spirit".

The Meaning of Perdition

To be in the position
Of one who’s in perdition
Means that you’re not doing all too well,

For a start you’d be quite dead,
For forever it is said,
Being punished for all your sins in Hell!

The Meaning of Pusillanimous


There's not a thing that's glamorous
About being pusillanimous
For it is the state of being wimpy

A spineless wuss, a scardycat
A gutless lilly livered sap,
Or someone best described as cowardly.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Atomic Symbol Ga


One day I brought my homework home
And found it quickly made me moan,
"What on earth is meant by G and A?"
To which my wise and learned mum
Said, "It stands for gallium."
"Gally what?" I asked in stark dismay.

She looked at me and cleared her throat
And then declared as if by rote
"A bluish white metallic element
Which is obtained especially
When refining ores you see
And is in some devices prevalent...

As the semiconductor..."
Oh I couldn't interrupt her,
"With the atomic number 31,
Also true of this metal
It is one post-transitional..."
It was just then that I started to run

As she started then to state
That Its standard atomic weight
" six nine point seven two three and (one)..."
I couldn't stay trapped there inside
With my mum so filled with pride
As she sang of the joys of gallium!

So I didn't hear the rest
Knowing I would fail the test
On its electron configuration,
I cared not for its density
Or molar heat capacity
Or of its heat of vaporization!

However when tea time arrived
Thinking that I had survived
I sat down to fill my rumbling tum
And for the next hour or so
Whilst trapped there with no where to go
The conversation was on gallium!

By Kerin Gedge

The Meaning of Fab


May it now be understood
One way to say something is good
Is to say of that thing that it's fab!

As in "My new tooth brush is fab,
It's the best one I've ever had!
It's the complete opposite of being bad!"

The Meaning of Eager


On my birthday you'll find me
Up early eager to see
Where my presents are and how many,

That is to say I'm excited
More than just interested
To see what my loved ones have got for me!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The City of Dacca


In English once we said Dacca
When referring to Dhaka
Which is in Bangladesh the Capital
City and also I'm told
It is one that is really old
And also one not known to be small!

In fact it is extremely densely
Populated and intensely
Filled with thousands of rickshaws on cycles
Hundreds of thousands so I've learned
Giving it the name it's earned
The capital of earth's rickshaw bicycles!

Located by a river where
All the people living there
Know it by the old name Buriganga
Which is where, Ive also read,
A place that is more than said
To lie in the heart of the Bengal Delta!

And a lot of women there
Are the sort who like to wear
A saree or the salwar kameez
Unlike the men who much prefer
The kind of clothes now popular
Like the familiar t-shirt worn with jeans!

Something else Dhaka has got
Are mosques for there are quite a lot
Earning it quite a measure of fame
Around the world for being a town
Where such a building can be found
And bears City of Mosques as a nick name

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What is the Meaning of Cab?


When I woke this morning I
Found my throat was harshly dry
So downed a cab of water easily,
Being an ancient Hebrew sort
Of unit measuring two quarts
Or 2.2 liters respectively.

Then realizing I was late
I left my toast still on my plate
And ran onto the street to catch a cab,
But alas to my dismay
I just then missed a cabriolet
Which made me feel more than a tad quite sad!

So running to the railway station
To make it to my occupation
I tried to catch a ride but all they had
Was a small seat inside the cab
Where sits the engineer who had
A smell exuding from him that was bad!

So in the end I paid the fee
To ride a cab or a taxi
But boy the cab driver got me so mad!
He talked my ear down to the floor
And charged me more for it I'm sure
So when at work I poured myself a cab...

That is a glass of Cabernet
Sauvignon to make my day
Go a little better than it had!

The Atomic Symbol Ba


I saw in a text book one day
The letter "B" followed by "A"
"What does it mean?" I queried of my mum.
She cleared her throat and said to me,
"Well my dear obviously
It is the symbol used for Barium!

Being of course an element
Malleable and divalent
Metallic and it looks a silver-white"
I scratched my head and asked no more
Put my book down; ran for the door;
Deciding I would rather fly my kite!

The Meaning of the Name Aaron


Aaron was a man who stood
Ten feet tall and hard as wood
And few could wear him down at any length,
And so when outlaws came to town
His neighbours ran to him and found
Like his name he was a mount of strength!

All it took from him was a
Frown and he could save the day
For foes would look at him and quickly flee,
Probably because if he
Just stepped on them it was likely
That his bulk would crush them like a flea!

The Meaning of the Name Shane


I knew a man called Shane who would
Play his guitar like no one could
His fingers fast, tenacious and vivacious,

And yet he'd still give praise to me
Who couldn't play as well as he
Just like his name which meant that "God is gracious".

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Meaning of the Name Nathan


Nathan was the kind of bloke
Who'd help a friend when they were broke
And seemed to be in his heart no doubt driven

By the desire to meet a need
And not take credit for the deed
But like his name he'd say that "God has given!"

The Meaning of the Name Daniel


Daniel was a chap who who stood
His ground when other people would
Probably give up and no doubt flee,

His name was why he would not budge
For it meant "God is my judge"
Which helped him to keep his integrity!

The Meaning of the Name Craig


There was a man called Craig who stood
His ground like stone for nothing could
Persuade him or move him out of the way,

Just like the Gaelic name that he
So proudly wore meaning "rocky"
He was a rock no other man could sway!

Monday, October 6, 2014

What is the Meaning of Aspersion?


There was a chap I didn't like
Let's just say his name was Mike
For no good reason so I told a fib,
I spread a little lie around
To make the people in my town
Believe he was a loser and they did...

This particular perversion
Of mine was called aspersion
To put another's character in doubt
By saying things that are not true
Like, "That guy Mike came from a zoo
And I heard that his mother is a trout!"

Needless to say I felt quite bad
For what I did was mean and sad
So with conviction I figured I oughta
Go to church and see if the
Priest could flick water on me
In the aspersion of sprinkled water!

What is the Meaning of Ignominious?


A creature that is infamous
And indeed Ignominious
Is the cockroach underneath my sink,
He comes out late at night to do
The shady things that he likes to
Like visiting my toilet for a drink!

He is the most dishonourable,
Notorious, despicable
Of bugs from his antennae to his toes
Especially when he sees me
Asleep and crawls right up to see
If he can find a snack inside my nose!

What is the Meaning of Enervate?


There was a cat that every night
Howled and meowed with all its might
Outside my window keeping me awake,
It didn't take it all that long
To drive me mindless with its song
And cause in me an enervated state!

The sleepless nights it did employ
Dehydrated me joy
Lobotomising me of all my nerve,
I knew then what I had to do
I gathered every single shoe
I could and gave the cat what it deserved!

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Meaning of the Name Kathleen


There was girl they called Kathleen
Whose house was spick-and-span and clean
For no dirt or mess she could endure,

But inside she was just as sweet
Her heart was neat from beat to beat
Which fit her well because her name meant pure!

The Meaning of the Name Paul


I know man 10 inches high
He is the tiniest wee guy
And strangely answers to the name of Paul

Strange because in old Latin
Paul matches the state he's in
It being a name that means the same as "small."

The Meaning of the Name Christopher


There was a man called Christopher
Who quick became a minister
To live a life exemplifying his name,

To be a bearer of the Christ
And did so well despite the price
Helping the poor, the homeless and the lame!

The Meaning of the Name Niels


Niels was a clever boy
Who won the games he did enjoy
Because his name of Danish origin

Gave to him the power to
Win at what he wanted to
On account of meaning "Champion."

What is the Meaning of the Name Charles?


I met a man called Charles who
Did just what he wanted to
He was the master of his fate you see,

All because his German name
Of historic royal fame
Had the meaning "a man who is free."

What is the Meaning of Perambulate?


Once when walking down the road
Whilst on my way to my abode
I figured I needed a quick short cut,
So I decided I would go
Perambulate through a meadow
And walked across it with a fearless strut!

Alas the owner of the land
Did not like my lazy plan
And came out to me waving a sharp hoe
And said, "How dare you walk across
My land of which I am the boss!"
And then alas he would not let me go

Home until it was quite late
For we did perambulate
Every inch of land he called his own,
Just to make it clear to me
The limits of his boundary
Until finally he sent me home!

What is the Meaning of Peregrination?


I went upon a quest to find
The partner to a sock of mine
Which turned into a long peregrination,

Indeed it was a great journey,
Meander and an odyssey
A time consuming fruitless exploration!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

What is the Meaning of Commonwealth?


It's true that you can designate
A nation or perhaps a state
With the word we know as 'commonwealth'
In particular if it
Is founded in law and so sits
United for the good of common health,

One in which authority
Depends on a democracy
And is so vested in its people's hands,
A republic so to speak
In which both the strong and weak
Ideally share the same rights in the land.

But when the word has a "C"
That's capital the word could be
Referring to the one time English State
When from 1649,
For about a decade's time,
There was no King after the last king's fate!

Or the Commonwealth could be
The state made up of Kentucky,
Massachusetts, Pennsylvania,
And the other place I guess,
Also found in the U.S.,
Known for the name Virginia!

Or a federal union
Of states like the ones that are in
The dusty land of old Australia
Where you find the kangaroo
And people say "G'day" to you
And guys are "blokes" and girls are known as "sheila."

And speaking of that Great South Land
It is itself part of a band
Of countries that make up The Commonwealth
A group of lands with common ground
For most were at one time so found
To be part of the British Commonwealth!