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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Law of Your and You and You're!


Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do
When you use the pro-noun “you”
You know, the word you use to designate
The person you are addressing
As in, “Gosh you are depressing”
When referring to another person’s state.

But listen here my little friend,
If “r” is found at “you’s” rear end,
The word takes on a sudden transformation;
For then the word, it does take on,
The very essence of “belongs”
As in, “Excuse me sir but is this your train station?”

But if you add an "r" and "e"
After an apostrophe
What you mean is something someone’s doing,
Like, “You’re certainly disturbing me
If you’re wearing that to tea,
Doing so will end up your undoing!”

So please don’t be a moron
When you need to put an r on
Otherwise you might cop some abuse,
For your and you’re might seem the same
But they’re not, THEY’RE NOT the same!
And after reading this you've no excuse!

Copyright 2013

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