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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Definition of Earnest


It would pay to learn this
That a person who is earnest
Has a serious and somber mental state
They’ll speak with intense gravity
Implore with grim sobriety
The import of the thing that is at stake

However I should point out that
If you have a lot of cats
Or say a boat that’s full of chimpanzees
You can say, “Gee look at that
Earnest heap of hungry cats”
Or, “Goodness that’s an earnest lot of monkeys!”

Of course it might just happen that
Someone not so fond of cats
Who however has a thing for apes
Might earnestly remind you that
It is an actual point of fact
That monkeys are quite different from apes!

And don’t suppose I have digressed
There’s one more point her to impress
In earnest one more thing I can exposit
And that thing that's left to see
An “earnest” is a guarantee
Exactly like when making a deposit

So when I bought that boat of Apes
And all those cats within their crates
A down payment was made to clinch the deal
I laid down “earnest money” that
Secured for me my chimps and cats
Proving my intent for them was real.

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By Kerin Gedge
Copyright 2013

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