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Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Words



I went to see a doctor where
I put my health into his care
But boy did I get more than bargained for!
Thanks to the "experts" negligence
I caught from him a pestilence
And left the clinic worse off than before.

Thanks to iatrogenesis,
The doctor's dodgy practices,
I can say I am in way more pain
Not only from his fees
But because now I am diseased
And my dull-brained doctor is to blame!


Anything which does relate
To human beings that populate
The lands that we call Portugal and Spain

From the languages they speak
To the sandwiches they eat
Are thought of as Iberian by name.


A creature that is infamous
And indeed Ignominious
Is the cockroach underneath my sink,
He comes out late at night to do
The shady things that he likes to
Like visiting my toilet for a drink!

He is the most dishonourable,
Notorious, despicable
Of bugs from his antennae to his toes
Especially when he sees me
Asleep and crawls right up to see
If he can find a snack inside my nose!

I sat down in the afternoon
To have a drink with a baboon
Each of us enjoying a glass of milk
The conversation turned to cows
And how he came to have a row
With an angry creature of that ilk.

By that he meant it was the same
Type of creature of that name
Meeting the category of that kind
That type, that race that very class
Of breed that’s bred to eat green grass
Producing milk because it’s so inclined.

And as we sipped upon our milk
He whined that creatures of that ilk
Weren’t the best combatants in a row,
“Because,” he said over his milk,
“Creatures of the bovine ilk
Can’t talk back to you because they’re cows!”

To call someone incontinent
Is in no way a compliment
But is a comment on their chastity,
Or rather of their failure to
Restrain their appetite to do
Things of a sexual nature constantly.

Strangely though the word also
Applies to those who need to go
To the toilet to evacuate,
But have lost control of their
Business ends and so I fear
They make it to the bathroom much to late!

Indefinite article

"A" or "an" are words we use
When we wish to introduce
Something before making known the noun

Although a tiny particle
The indefinite article
Can in many languages be found
what is the definite article? poems about grammar, what does "an" mean? poems about words


If like me you are inclined
To do nothing most of the time
Indolent is the word that best describes

The simple fact you are lazy
Like a sloth up in a tree
Too idle even to open its eyes!what is indolence? what does indolent mean? what is the definition of indolence? poems about indolence, rhymes about indolence

In Excelsis Deo

In latin we sometimes say
Normally on Christmas Day
Gloria in excelsis deo
In English so exemplified
By “Glory be to God Most High”
For giving us his Son some time ago
what does gloria in excelsis deo mean? definition of in excelsis deo, poems about glorifying God


If I were to speak to you
Insultingly and with abuse
If hurting you with words was my objective

Vitriolic cruelty
Is something that is typically
Apparent in language that is invective.
what does invective mean? what is the meaning of invective? rhymes with invective, poems about invective


It was invidious of me
One night when I went to tea
And I said to the maker of the meal,
“That was OK, but not as great
As the food that your sister makes!”
The comment did not go down well I feel.

I caused in her some discontent
When I made that mean comment
Making her no doubt feel some envy,
It wasn’t a nice thing to hear
Obnoxious too so now I fear
That was the last time that she will feed me!

Invidiosus in Latin
Which did mean when then spoken
“Envious” which sums up how she felt
About her sister’s cooking skills
And how it gave my taste buds thrills,
When she threw a fork at me I had not doubt!


It’s worth elucidating
When referring to a thing
We give that thing the designation ‘it
But add the letter ‘s’
And the meaning will address
The things relating specifically to it

Like “That dog loves its bone”
Or “That cat has lost its home”
Hopefully by now you get the drift?
But don’t make the catastrophe
Of adding an apostrophe
Or else the grammar police will get miffed!

So the word is not abused
An apostrophe is used
With regards to “it has” or “it is
Like “That dog, it’s got a bone
It’s from the cat that had no home,
It is no longer hers because it's his!"
poems about grammar, what is the difference between it's and its? how to use the s in its, helpful poems about words, rhymes about correct word usage

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