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Monday, June 17, 2013

So just what is The Vocabuverse?

The Vocabuverse, is an ever expanding personal universe of word definitions - as Rhymes.

What began as a humble attempt to teach my children big words through the use of poetry has turned into a  voracious quest to re-write the English Dictionary...

If you are a lover of English and wish to equip your tongue lavishly with new and exciting words then consider this site the kitchen of your vocabulary where a new word is always on the menu for anyone hungry to increase their word power!

Words are marvelous and mysterious. They have the power to lift up, to cast down, to build and destroy. Words are the software that run our human hardware; without them we would merely be pink flabby things that bump into each other from time to time. Without words the entire human experience would lack context. Words are the irrefutable proof of the soul, the missing link of creation, the breath of meaning. I have often wondered whether the invention of computer programming, using a language of sorts to tell a computer what to do, was somehow a human reflection of God using nothing less than words to say,"Let there be light!" For without words there is only the darkness of a blank page to comfort humanity with silent stories about nothing.

The more words you know the better your human experience. Your ability to express yourself becomes paramount, as does your propensity to impress. If people were machines then words are the buttons you use to operate them. The more words you know the more functions you discover those machines actually have. This button makes them laugh, this one makes them cry, this one makes them love and this one gets you a doughnut... words are power.

There is no such thing as a good word or a bad word or a hate word or a love word. Words are as good or as bad as the mouth that utters them: The tongue can be a gun or a white dove. Use words wisely and with love.

Up till now the only way to swallow these potent drugs has been to use a standard dictionary, which people use only when they don't know what a word means. That is the very opposite of what The Vocabuverse is!

The Vocabuverse is a dictionary to be lived in and not merely visited from time to time. The unique metre and rhyme scheme of The Vocabuverse is designed so the words will stick to your brain like Nursery Rhymes.

The word "dictionary" in this context, I must admit, is a little bit deceiving. Not all the "definitions" after all are exact definitions. But in every rhyme that might not necessarily contain a meticulous definition I have tried to capture the essence of the word, or to give a meaningful example of the word, so that the meaning, given a little bit of thought, becomes obvious. No one should walk away from The Vocabuverse less intelligent than they were before they came. Learning here is not only mandatory but inescapable.

A note to parents and educators - while The Vocabuverse has the appearance of a child friendly site, and for the most part it is, there is the occasional word that could not escape a fraction of lewdness in its explanation. For this I apologize. For a deeper look at this problem click here.

As you read these little verses my only request, or plea if you will, is that you share this site with your friends, your enemies, your English Teacher, your Hair Stylist, your Butcher, your Baker, your Candlestick Maker and most of all, your own children (except some parental discretion is recommended for the more mature words/concepts...)

And don't forget, my Vocabuverse is EXPANDING! So join me here every week as this epic task expands to become the one and hopefully only Cleverly Devised Poetical Dictionary of Mostly English Words by me...

If you have any questions, or would like to submit a word for me to define please write to me at:

Click below for words that begin with...

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